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Computers can compute, but that's not what people use them for, mostly. -- Tim Bray

Kang ZhangMy name is Kang Zhang and I'm the guy behind Jobo. I live in Shanghai which is the most wonderful place in the world. I really love Python, Swimming, Skating, ActionScript and Java. Recently, I dived into C# 4.0 and Scala and enjoy them very much. I love geeking and coding, so you can probably guess how I spend most of my time.

I am a graduate student and major in Computer Science. My research focus on semantic application user interface and visualization for structured data. I stopped my academic research in 2010, and start a more engineering life after that. :-)

I'm also a huge fan of Python, even though I must program using Java in the lab.

My laptop is a Macbook Pro 15', and my desktop in lab is a PC equipped with Gentoo.

To contact me, email <contact AT kangzhang.org>

Selected Project & Research Experience

Some company/project names have been masked to remain anonymous.
2012.3 [To Do] Be Graduated from Shanghai Jiao Tong University, ACM Honored Class, Master Degree in CS
2010.02 ~ 2010.5 Consulting Service @ [Confidential]
  • Guided the [Confidential]'s Flex Team to build their data analytic tools.
  • Team with the [Confidential]'s Cloud Computing team to architect and build their PAAS cloud in Wuxi, China.
2009.11 ~ 2010.2 Research Assistant @ SJTU Apex Lab
  • Worked out the ZoomRDF fisheye zomming system(The paper has been accepted by WWW 2010). A simple video demo can be viewed here.
  • Worked out the Sema Trends Data Analysis System. A demo video can be found here
2009.09 ~ 2009.11 Research Intern @ IBM China Research Lab (Shanghai)
  • Team with the Semantic Web Group and worked on project SeDA 2.
  • Worked out the Semantic Clinical Research Platform system.
  • Worked out the Semantic Quicklinks(This method/algorithm is being evaluated by the IBM Research Lab Global. After the review, it will be registered as a patent or be published as a technical report).
2009.06 ~ 2009.09 Open Source Project @ Shanghai
  • Create the project Python Keyring Lib.
  • Release the 0.1 and 0.2 version of the lib.
  • Got more than 14 000 downloads during the short time. The project is now widely accepted by the community, and thanks to Tarek's effort to maintain it in these days.
2008.09 ~ 2009.06 Teaching Assistant of both OS and RDBMS Implementation
  • Since I got full scores on both these two courses, I taught both key courses as an undergraduate student.
  • Add the autograder(The automatic testing tool for Nachos) and a phase FileSystem for Nachos 5.0j Project.
  • Team with Wei Han and Ou Jin to write the automatic testing framework for RDBMS Implementation.
2008.06 ~ 2008.9 Research Intern @ IBM China Research Lab (Beijing)
  • Team with the Semantic Web Group and worked on project SeDA.
  • Worked out the whole front end for the Semantic Master Data Managment demo(The demo got published on VLDB 2009).
2008.02 ~ 2008.06 Research Assistant @ SJTU Apex Lab
  • Team with the lab's Semantic Search Group and worked on Semantic Query Translation.
  • Worked out the Q2Semantic system(Thanks to my labmate Haofen Wang's help to presentate the system in papers.One of them got published on ESWC 2008).

My Online Content

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My Open Source Project

Python Keyring Lib

Chrisw(An AppEngine based Social Network Engine)

Tupelo in AIR (This project is dead)

My Demo Stuffs

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ZoomRDF Demo Video

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